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ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System Review

May 29, 2019

About five years ago, I purchased a Q-See DVR and camera system. There had been a few break-ins nearby and I wanted something to supplement my security system. The cameras that came with the system proved inadequate due to low resolution and a narrow field of view. They also wore out rather quickly, giving me green skies and purple grass – not exactly what the police would need to get a conviction should a recording ever have to be admitted to court as evidence. I searched long and hard and upgraded to a set of VideoSecu cameras. At 400 TVL indicated, they were amazing, with a wider field of view and much higher resolution. The price was good too at $29 or so per unit. These proved adequate until a couple of weeks ago, when the break-ins moved onto my street.

If the VideoSecu cameras have a shortcoming, and it can’t be much of one at that price point considering how well they work and their durability, it’s their night resolution. While checking my cameras after a break-in down the street, I found that the subject had been in my yard too, but that the noise in night mode made identification of a subject impossible. The police were happy to have the videos – they proved that the subject had been going up the street trying car doors – but they didn’t allow the police to solve the incident. I decided there and then that an upgrade would be necessary, so I tried this camera.

While this camera is not as much an improvement over the VideoSecu as the VideoSecu was over the Q-See, it offers a very noticeable improvement in night vision and an arguable improvement overall. Make no doubt, this camera is big for a bullet camera and it’s heavy, but I think the price (lower than the VideoSecu by $5) and the increased night performance serve to highly recommend this camera. In a side-by-side test (I have two cameras that cover the same area from different angles), the ZOSI was much more clear in all light conditions and was pretty much without noise in streetlight-only illumination, where the VideoSecu covering the same area was subject to a great deal of noise. Under Christmas lights, when the VideoSecu was still black-and-white and noisy, the ZOSI offered a bit of color and a noise-free image. The field-of-view seems a tad bigger than the VideoSecu as well.

Overall, this is a good camera and at this price point, is a truly stunning deal. I’ve purchased a four pack to upgrade my system. I’m really sure that I can’t afford not to.