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All-new Blink XT2 Review

May 29, 2019

First of all I have had Blink cameras in various models, indoor models , outdoor capable XT (as soon as they came out ) and now the XT2. I have them for YEARS now. I now only buy the XT models as I found the indoor models OK but too limiting to me. You have limited record capability (30 sec clips max) and you will burn through batteries with numerous motions events if enabled. it pays to heed suggestions for placement if you plan to record certain events. Yes there is a slight lag but it is minimal when it records a clip. Considering they are wireless video its acceptable performance to me. I love the ability to mount these anywhere due to the battery option. If you plan to use these as more of a true security camera I recommend plugging it in for power. Battery power become backup to line power loss. It will not charge rechargeable batteries (not recommended anyway). Plug it in if you find you burn through batteries. There are many outdoor case options that support very long power cords if necessary. My primary use is as a general surveillance camera with motion only on certain cameras and only scheduled (yes you can do that). Those motion cameras will burn through batteries faster but I do have one at the end of my driveway pointing toward the house to catch pull-ins in my driveway (basically a video equipped driveway sensor) It lasts at least year for me. Generally I recommend a defense in depth with Blink cameras as only PART of your video security. I personally also have a Ring Doorbell pro and an ADT pulse system with cameras as well. I also pay for a residential security patrol. If you think that is overkill, that is my choice. Also great to check on your pets when they are left at home. Be aware EVERY camera out there has limitations either relatively high storage fees and initial cost or more limited free storage like Blink with less expensive initial cost. Camera vary in quality and price but Blinks are relatively cheap and easy to set up. For those of you who may have issues setting one up when using battery power I suggest plugging it in to power when setting it up. That usually works for me. I have not had one camera failure in the years I have been buying these. I gave these to my sons as Christmas presents and they use the in their apartments and rental houses. Great but with known limitations. If cost is you primary concern, they are by far the overall least expensive option. Blink cameras are prefect for me but as only part of an overall security strategy. Please understand battery camera limitations and advantages and make determination yourself if they will work for you.